Watermelon Crack

2% Watermelon SC (RF)

2% Watermelon (TFA)

1% Cool Mint (CAP)

.25% Menthol (TFA)

.5% Cactus (INW)

.5% Polar Blast (FA)

When I first found this recipe it didn't really appeal to me but after I mixed it I fell in love with this favor profile. I first mixed this with just 7% TFA Watermelon and 1% TFA Menthol, simple and easy and to my suprise quite good. The CAP Cool Mint was an after-thought but it still needs the TFA Menthol IMO. INW Catus brings a juicy sweetness to the mix and the FA Polar Blast gives it a cool exhale. The Real Flavors Watermelon Super Concentrate needs about 7 to 10 days to really sweeten up and come to the front. When I first mixed this it was "OK" the first few days, I put it aside and forgot about it for 3 weeks. I tried it again and was hooked.